Techno Medika Features

  • Independent of Platform, OS, Database and client
  • Secured access to information
  • User friendly graphical user interface
  • Improved administration and control
  • Simplified billing and discharge process
  • Better fault tolerance ability
  • Require less Staff to cater more patients in same time or even less
  • Monitoring staff efficiency and get daily report of individual employee
  • Fast information gathering & processing
  • Operations

    It automates operations of patient types with different kinds of transactions.

  • Interface

    It provides an interface for insurance providers and payment gateways.

  • Clinical

    It includes inpatient care, e-Prescribing, medication and administration

  • Marketing and Forecast

    Dashboards with patients' data to help the management in forecasting

Following are the Modules we currently offer:

Patient Registration Module

This module registers patient details based on general and demographic information. Patients are allocated a Unique Health Identification Number (UHID) at the time of registration.

  • Detailed information of patients

  • Mandatory fields for crucial patient information as per JCI Standards

  • Alerts in place to prevent erroneous data entry

  • Generates Smart Card with Unique Health Identification Number (UHID)

  • Advanced multi-criteria search for registered patients

  • RFID wrist band generation

  • Provision for recording sponsor, insurance and medical tourism details


This module deals with recording the patients’ basic medical treatment details and depends on other modules for acquiring their registration details, booking appointments for consultation, test appointments, report viewing etc.

This module commences when the patient is being registered and allotted a bed in the ward. It deals with the complete treatment and services provided to the patient during his/her stay in the hospital.

  • Patient evaluation

  • Diagnosis

  • Lab orders

  • Medication orders

  • Procedure orders

  • Bed allotment

  • Discharge summary

  • Conversion from OP to IP

Admission, Transfer, Discharge (ADT)

This module seamlessly takes care of admission, discharge and the transfer processes of patients. It enables the search on availability and manages the allocation of a bed, ward, and room to a patient according to the availability or cost associated and thereby manages the transfers. It takes care that the appropriate discharge processes are followed and also ensures that a comprehensive discharge summary is generated at the end.

  • Comprehensive form for collection of precise data regarding the patient

  • Recording the doctors and nursing notes for further management

  • Managing the billing process

  • Bed and ward allocation and transfer

  • E-prescribing of the medications

Pharmacy Information System

This module deals with the retail sale of medicines to general customers & OPD patients, and issue of medicines to the in-patients in the hospital. Its functions include online drug prescription and inventory management and billing of drugs, surgical and consumables.

  • Provides a comprehensive online list of available drugs for the doctors

  • Auto-generation of alerts when minimum stock levels are reached

  • Online requisition for stock order from the main store

  • Barcode/RFID for the items

Statistics and Reporting Module (MIS)

This module provides information to the management to help them take the right decisions. It helps in measuring the performance of each department in the hospital. Data can be mined as per the analysis required.

  • Privilege dashboards for the department heads to monitor and measure performance

  • Top management dashboards

  • Facility for exporting the data into various formats like Excel and PDF

  • Department-wise revenue details

  • Easily customizable reports as per the management’s needs

  • Operational business reporting for work reports

Radiology Information System

p>This module is used by the pathology lab to record and disseminate the information regarding the tests performed. The laboratory department receives online orders from doctors and also allows laboratory personnel to generate requests.

  • Service and test setup

  • Sponsor-wise service mapped with diagnostic tests

  • Diagnostic packages using different tests

  • Billing using lab orders from clinical module

  • Sample collection process

  • Status update

  • Access previous lab results based on tests number

  • Dashboard for work in progress

Radiology Information System

This module facilitates management of the workflow of radiology services and equipment, in addition to supporting entry of work records and reports. The ultimate objective is to store all patient images, scans, and ECG graphs in the system or as electronic files due to its integration with PACS, thereby eliminating the unnecessary retrieval and dissemination of films. Only eligible people with authorized access are allowed to access the system, thereby maintaining the confidentiality of patients’ films.

  • Service and test setup

  • Sponsor-wise service mapped with diagnostic tests

  • Dashboard for authorization

  • Results authorization

Software Demo

Please see the detail preview of our software, its features and functions. This software cover almost all aspect of Hospital related matters, starting from appointment till discharge. A complete Hospital software taking care of all your needs and requirement. Get a online free Demo to avail and see its amazing features.

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